Short Link Rules


  1. No inappropriate links.

  2. Don't beg and beg for more link storage.

  3. Try not to put the same link multiple times.

  4. Don't spam the system with alt accounts


  1. Inappropriate links.

    1. Inappropriate links will be removed.

    2. You will receive a warning from one of our Bot Admins. You may also get DMed by Sanity.

  2. Begging for more link storage

    1. This wont get you anywhere first of all.

    2. You will receive a warning by a Bot Admin.

    3. You might get restricted from getting more storage.

  3. Spamming with multiple accounts.

    1. Accounts will be blacklisted and the links will be deleted.

First offenses before blacklist

After 3 month blacklist

Last updated