The Story

You might have noticed that the bot is no longer called Utilis and that there are many changes.

Well, Utilis had over 100 commands. Knox was the only active dev on the project and couldn't keep up with updates. Then discord.js v13 came out and it changed everything. V13 asked that all commands be converted to slash commands. Yes we could have kept text commands but still needed to make slash commands. The way we had the command files set up made it difficult to update the bot to V13. A total redesign was needed, so Guacaplushy started a new system to combat out issue. It was going well until testing came along. Our testing made many issues arise. One, we couldn't pass our options through which meant the bot couldn't see if you sent anything with the command like a user mention.

We decided that we needed a break and went back to up-keeping Utilis as it was. But as more and more time passed and we got stressed out because we still hadn't made any more progress. So we debated shutting down.

And sadly we stopped maintaining the bot. But Knox wasn't going to give up, he was very determined to keep the bot going.

So he had to make a very hard decision, delete all the command and start over in a more simple manner, enlist the help of Scorprian#2161, or shut down.

He chose to enlist Scorprian#2161. Since Scorprian joined we've made lots of changed for the better.

We've removed

  • Economy

  • Bumping

  • Music

  • Levels

  • AutoMod

  • Warning System

We've added

  • Server Links

  • Short Links

  • Updated dashboard

  • Link Gems

We've rebranded and changed the whole thing up. Something a little more unique.

Since then we have had some staff changes too.

Our staff go as followed

  • CoOwner

  • CoDeveloper

  • Head of Operations

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